Welcome to D.A.N.C.U. Resident Association.

DANCU incorporates Dinwidde, Albemarle, Norton Small Farms, Castleview, Union and Elsiehof.  Everyone in these suburbs who are serviced by Germiston Municipality.  It became clearer day by day that a residents association was desperately needed for our area.  On a daily basis, our area is deteriorating, looking shabby, crime is increasing and By-laws are ignored.  It seems that our area has fallen “off the map” and we have been forgotten.

It is time to change this and take back our community!

Why do we need a residents association when we have Ward Councillors?  Well, frankly, because our Councillors just cannot be on every corner, remember, they not only answer to the residents, but also have council duties and their areas are extremely large to assist residents as well as Councillors, we act as the middleman.  We can assist in keeping track of logged calls that residents make and hold the relative parties accountable for service delivery.  Working closely together with the Councillors to ensure that residents receive important information and vice versa.  We can assist in keeping track of what is approved, what is needed and how often faults are logged in a specific street or area.

Briefly our objectives are:

  • To promote and protect the rights, interests and general welfare of all who live, play, work and visit our area;
  • Be the voice of the collective residents within Council and other authorities such as the SAPS, CPF, EMPD and any other official body to achieve our objectives
  • Create awareness of the historic and architectural features in our area and promote their preservation;
  • to ensure that all matters in terms of rezoning, building, changes to infrastructure, etc. are within the criteria laid down in the future development policy (the Development Plan) for the area, or to oppose such applications;
  • To attempt, while working with the role players in Council, residents, rate payers, and the general public, to maintain and grow the investment (and value) of property within the area.
  • To make use of our parks and open spaces so that we can grow as a community.
  • To ensure the environment that we live in is clean and free from grime.
  • To make our suburb the place that people want to be.

Rome was not built in a day, and certainly not by a small group of people, we urge residents to join us and create strength in numbers.  Become a member, help us achieve our goals by joining us at clean-ups, public events and passing information to us to ensure service delivery is met.  Once a registered member, you will be added to our WhatsApp Group or email list to receive notifications on relevant issues in our area.
We look forward to welcoming you into our community family!