Welcome to D.A.N.C.U. Resident’s Association.

DANCU RA includes the suburbs of Dinwidde, Albemarle, Norton Small Farms, Castleview, Union and Elsiehof.  Everyone in these suburbs who are serviced by Germiston Municipality.

So, why do we need a Residents Association when we have Councillors?

Well, simply put, our Councillors are not only here to look after our service delivery issues.  they do that yes, but the amount of issues that are reported to them on a daily basis, means they do not get time to attend to other issues.  What issues are these you ask?  Apart from attending many council meetings, they need to ensure that networks are serviced and do not fail us (which is happening more and more each day) also, they need to keep abreast on developments in the area and how these developments affect our service delivery.  So you see, we as a Residents Association can assist with service delivery issues and keep the community on top of what is happening in our area.

What is happening in our community!

Frankly, our area is looking shabby!  Yes, shabby.  Parks are deteriorating, rubbish is littered everywhere, street lights are not working, by-laws are being ignored.  Is this the type of neighbourhood you want to live in?  We don’t.  We want to be proud of our neighbourhood.

What we can do for you as a member:

  • Protect the rights, interests and general welfare of all in our area;
  • Be the voice of the community concerning issues within Council and other authorities;
  • Create awareness of the historic and architectural features in our area and promote their preservation;
  • Ensure that matters in terms of rezoning, building, changes to infrastructure etc. are done according to the laws as well as not affect our service deliver.  Meaning the more factories / townhouses etc, the more stress it creates on our existing poor infrastructure;
  • To attempt to maintain and grow the investment (and value) of property within the area;
  • To make use of our parks and open spaces so that we can grow as a community;
  • To ensure the environment that we live in is clean and free from grime and rodents;
  • To make our suburb the place that people want to live and be part of a community;

Rome was not built in a day, and certainly not by a small group of people, we urge residents to join us and create strength in numbers.  Become a member, help us achieve our goals by joining us at clean-ups, public events and passing information to us to ensure service delivery is met.  Once a registered member, you will be added to our WhatsApp Group or email list to receive notifications on relevant issues in our area.
We look forward to welcoming you into our community family!